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Modernizing the Pennsylvania State Plane Coordinate System: Consensus Building

Presenter(s): Brian Nabarenzy, more TBA
Date: Monday, May 13
Time: 8:30 a.m. - noon
Location: Room 218
Cost: $40.00
Hopefully the word is out that the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) will be updating the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) in 2022. This workshop will provide a brief overview of why the updates are needed and how they are being developed. Anticipated changes to the NSRS and how you can start preparing for them will be discussed.  

The workshop will focus on one of the most notable changes, the need for revision to the State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS). NGS policies and procedures for updating the SPCS will be discussed in detail. A timeline and proposed process for Pennsylvania stakeholders to inform NGS of their desired changes to the SPCS will be presented along with several options for Pennsylvania SPCS zones. Based on feedback from users, the most popular options for Pennsylvania include updating the current two-zone system, converting to a single statewide zone, or adopting a layered approach consisting of a single statewide zone and multiple lower distortion zones. The advantage and disadvantages of these options will be discussed, and audience participation is strongly encouraged. The Pennsylvania Coordinate System Law will also be reviewed with discussions on needed changes and possible improvements.

This workshop will culminate in the first meeting of the Pennsylvania Stakeholders. The first goal for the meeting will be to discuss preliminary thoughts on options for PA SPCS zone and determine if any consensus exists. The second goal is to solidify a path and timeline for the stakeholders to move forward with procedures outlined by the NGS and necessary legislative changes.
Registration is limited to 32 participants and this number is firm. If the workshop sells out at 32 participants, please email to be placed on a waitlist.

ArcGIS Pro: An Introduction
Presenter(s): Daniel Wickens
Date: Monday, May 13
Time: 1 - 4:30 p.m.
Location: Room 203
Cost: $40.00
Whether you have many years’ experience working with desktop GIS or you are just starting out, chances are ArcGIS Pro is a new application that many GIS professionals have available to them. ArcGIS Pro is an essential application for creating and working with spatial data. With a completely redesigned interface and project-centric approach, ArcGIS Pro provides the capabilities you need from a desktop GIS but in a more modern application. In this workshop, you’ll gain hands-on experience working with ArcGIS Pro by exploring a project that will guide you through authoring a map, symbolizing data, working in both 2D and 3D, common editing workflows, and analysis tasks.
Note: This is a technical, hands-on session. Equipment and all course materials will be provided by Esri. Registration is limited to 20 participants and this number is firm. If the workshop sells out at 20 participants, please email to be placed on a waitlist.



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